A Legacy Of Vision

Elegant Eyes™ is a family owned and operated optical center with a rich history that dates back to 1987. The family business began with James and Doris Slaughter of Slaughter’s Opticians in about 1960. In 1987, Denise, opened the flagship Elegant Eyes store on Broad Street in Newark, New Jersey. In approximately 1992 Elegant Eyes presented its second location in East Orange, New Jersey and it stayed opened until 1999. In 2003, Denise and her children Utenzi, Cabral and Jameel re-launched the East Orange location based on pure demand by their loyal clientele. The Legacy of Vision continues with the spring 2010 Grand Opening of the Plainfield Elegant Eyes Eyeglass Store.

The Independent Doctors of Optometry recommend a comprehensive eye exam. The standard examination procedure for a patient who wants to wear eyeglasses includes the following:

Reviewing vision problems, general health, current medications, working environment, hobbies, etc.

  • Reviewing vision problems, general health, current medications, working environment, hobbies, etc.
  • Examining eyes for signs of possible disorders, including cataracts and retinal problems
  • Evaluating current prescription
  • Testing eyes’ ability to see clearly at all distances
  • Measuring the fluid pressure in the eye, which is an important test in detecting glaucoma
  • Testing eye coordination and muscle control
  • Measuring eyes’ ability to change focus
Examination requirements for patients who wish to wear contact lenses include all of the standard eyeglass examination procedures as well as the following:

  • Keratometry
  • Diagnostic lens testing (when applicable)
  • Additional external examination (biomicroscopy) with and without contact lenses
  • Series of follow-up visits to ensure compliance with maintenance and wearing schedules.
We care about your overall eye health and vision. To give you the best care possible, all Elegant Eyes stores have optometrists on staff who are licensed to examine your eyes using the latest equipment. Since the optometrist, optician and expert stylists are all in one location, we can work together to give you the best care quickly and efficiently.
Elegant Eyes accepts EyeMed Vision Care and most major vision insurance plans, including Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Cross of California, UniCare, AIG, Cigna Vision and Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina. Don’t forget, some vision plans offer savings on more than one pair of glasses, allowing you to get an extra pair of eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses or custom-made readers. To find out if we accept your plan, contact your nearest Elegant Eyes store.
You don’t have to sacrifice style and selection just to stay in-network. Your vision benefits are good with us even if we’re not apart of your vision plan. At Elegant Eyes, we offer savings comparable to other optical providers within your benefits network. Which means you can get the latest looks in eyewear at a great price.

Denise Slaughter, President
A “daughter of vision,” Denise Slaughter has led the growth and expansion of Elegant Eyes since its inception in December 1987. A graduate of Essex County College and a licensed Optician, Ms. Slaughter’s entry into the field of ophthalmic dispensing began as child, assisting her parents in their eyeglass store after school. Denise came up during a time when working was not an option for every one in the family, and this is how she raised her children. As business blossomed in her parents business, Slaughters Opticians, she received special permission to complete her final year of high school at night. This allowed Denise to work in the family optical store full-time during the day. This exposure to the daily operations of an optical center was the ideal foundation for her success at Elegant Eyes and ultimately solidifying the growth of the Elegant Eyes optical chain.

A recipient of the Grace Reformed Church, “Business Woman of the Year” award, East Orange YWCA, “Adult Achiever,” award and longtime supporter of the NAACP and other various organizations, Ms. Slaughter is dedicated to improving the quality of life in Newark, East Orange and abroad.

Utenzi Miller-Johnson, Optician
Utenzi Miller-Johnson, is the driving force behind the daily operations of the Elegant Eyes optical centers. Utenzi has been in the optical field since she was very young. A 1996 graduate of Essex County College’s ophthalmic dispensing program, Utenzi’s primary goal when assisting customers is to “listen to what they want and help them find the right “look”, the right look can be an amazing self-esteem builder.” Utenzi’s additional goal is to ensure the well being of their vision and the overall health of their eyes

A third generation in the optical business, Utenzi often points out that while she has always been involved with the family business, she was required to complete her optical apprenticeship outside of the business. That experience of business operations beyond Elegant Eyes gave Utenzi the broad based business experience needed to successfully manage the challenges of being an African-American female business owner in a male dominated industry.Utenzi is a member of the Opticians Association of New Jersey, National Association of Female Entrepreneurs and the NAACP.

Cabral Miller, Brand Manager
Cabral Miller is the Marketing Maestro for the Elegant Eyes optical chain. In addition to his involvement with the store’s day to day operations, he leads the marketing and brand development of the business. Cabral grew up working in the family business, but it was during his studies at Rutger’s University that he discovered that his true calling was in the optical industry. His innovation and affinity for technology helped the company to successfully capitalize on the benefits of web initiatives and social media. In order to better serve the business he is currently enrolled in the Ophthalmic Technology program at Essex County College.

Cabral effectively integrates past trends with the present through his choices in eyewear collections and keen sense of style. He recognizes that eyewear today is not just a medical aid but a fashion accessory. He has a loyal set of customers ranging in ages from teens to senior citizens. Many of them will only allow Cabral to select their eyewear. A perfectionist of sorts, he takes tremendous pride in helping customers find a look that complements their face, lifestyle and personality. “I want folks to look good, feel great and continue to allow me to serve them”

An active member of the community, Cabral is a supporter of the NAACP, the East Orange Rotary Club and St. Phillip’s Academy. Cabral is a firm believer in living the best life possible and paying it forward. His long term goal is to ensure that Elegant Eyes develops and maintains strategic alliances with the community by adopting families, donating eye exams and underwriting the costs of eyewear for the less fortunate. “I feel I live my best life when I am helping others”.

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Here’s what some of our customers have to say:

I have been getting my glasses from Elegant Eyes in Newark since i was very young and i wouldn’t dare go anywhere else, not even to the East Orange or Plainfield locations because they are new and just as great but they don’t have Denise…
Franklin Jones
I just left the store in Plainfield and i have never seen such a large selection of high end eyewear. The young lady who helped me was very knowledgeable on the most current eyeglass designs and i left with 2 new pairs of sunglasses and i will be coming back soon with my husband for a third pair…
Rebecca Kelly
When Denise opened Elegant Eyes downtown, I had all my eye care needs taken care of at that location. I got my very first pair of contacts from her; that was over 20 yrs. ago. She is a professional and her staff was ALWAYS courteous. I recommend her highly.
Karen Brooks
I love Elegant Eyes’s and their customer service… Cabral is such a great help and i would have never walked out looking as good as i did without his help. Thanks
Michelle Young

Newark Location

875 Broad Street
Newark NJ, 07102
973-622-4492 | Office
973-622-5919 | Fax

Business Hours
Mon-F 8:30am – 5pm
Sat | 9am – 3pm
Sun | Closed

Located diagonally across the street from City Hall, has been in existence for over 20 plus years providing the best in customer service and quality eyewear. EE Newark carries a very affordable array of eyewear from economical to high fashion. Come in to get an eye exam, purchase a new pair of prescription eyewear, or contacts.

We accept most insurances so stop by or call in to make an appointment with your EE Newark representative today. We offer an on-site Optometrist as well as an array of designers such as Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Dior, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent, Boss Hugo Boss, Emporio Armani, Juicy Couture, Kate Spade, MaxMara, Armani Exchange, Banana Republic, Carrera, Claiborne, Diesel, Fossil, JLo, Liz Claiborne, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Nine West, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

East Orange Location

560 Dr. MLK Plaza
East Orange NJ, 07018
973-672-4000 | Office
973-672-4040 | Fax

Business Hours
Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri |
9am – 5pm
Wed | 9am – 6pm
Sat | 9am – 2pm
Sun | Closed

In approximately 1992, Elegant Eyes presented its second location in East Orange, New Jersey and it stayed open until 1999. In 2003, Denise and her children Utenzi, Cabral and Jameel re-launched the East Orange location based on pure demand by their loyal clientele.

Elegant Eyes is the largest minority owned full service optical center in New Jersey.
“We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and the greatest selection
of quality eyewear to customers, while building and nurturing, long lasting relationships
with customers and with the community.”

“Every customer is like our only customer.” Denise Slaughter