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Yes! Elegant Eyes now has a program called “See Now, Pay Later,” which allows you to purchase your eyeglasses, lenses, sunglasses and/or contact lenses without any interest for either 6 or 12 months. So, you can come to elegant Eyes and leave in style without paying anything out of pocket.

We are a registered business in the State of New Jersey. All sales are subject to a sales tax. This tax will automatically be added to your total.

Yes they do! Children’s eyes are much more sensitive than adults eyes, because they are still developing. UV rays are very damaging to your eyes and because children typically spend a large amount of time outdoors, they should certainly have their eyes protected in order to prevent future problems caused by eye damage at a young age.

Well, the best way to have your eyeglasses repaired is to bring them into any Elegant Eyes location and we will do anything that your eyewear is in need of; whether that involves adjusting your nose pads, fixing your bent temples, replacing a missing lens or just simply cleaning the frame for you. This can all be done at any Elegant Eyes location.

Not currently. You can browse many of our most popular designers online in our image galleries, but you still must visit one of our locations to actually purchase the eyeglasses and have them perfectly fitted to your face.

There is no specific age that you must be in order to come into Elegant Eyes and get your eyes examined, but we would prefer if you were at least 16 year old if you were coming into to the office alone.

We only accept walk ins at our store locations; to avoid unnecessary wait times, you can always call to check for wait times.

If the prescription comes from Elegant Eyes, simply contact any optician or Doctor of Optometry at an Elegant Eyes near you and ask for a copy of your prescription. If the prescription came from another OD, you will need to contact that doctor.

There are many factors that affect the price of lenses. Until we know what type of lens you want and what your prescription is, we can’t accurately estimate the cost. To best answer this question you should visit your local Elegant Eyes.

Yes, we call them plano lenses. You can get them with the same great options as prescription lenses, including hip tints and anti-reflective and scratch resistant coatings. Don’t forego a great fashion accessory just because you have good vision.

Yes. We carry Rec Specs Sports Goggles that can be fitted with virtually any prescription.

Please allow up to four months for your request to be processed.